Why I chose AWS certs over the others... It was an easy choice.

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
Why I chose AWS certs over the others... It was an easy choice.

Out of all the cloud provider certifications out there, I decided to go with AWS. To be honest a lot of the reason why was because of the simplicity of the cert structure. The cost of the exams. And the fact that AWS has over 33% of the cloud market share right now.

I have been lusting for the right cert path for quite some time. I have been working in I suppose what you could call "front-line" IT for around 5 years now, and I've been at this career for all this time with no degree or certifications. During my work I have been on and off studying for Comptia certs, your usual Network+, Sec+, and I really wanted to go for the Cloud+ as well. But there was just something about the Comptia route that I didn't like . One being the rather large upfront cost. I didn't want to pay upwards of $350-400 dollars for a certification. So I held off for quite some time. Then Azure stuff started popping up in my google news feed, I was really interested in taking the AZ-900 Fundamental exam and I  even got in on a free online course that was supposed to give me a voucher, However I never ended up getting one even after I jumped through support hoops and email threads. Thus I gave up. And honestly I really didn't like the structure of the Microsoft Exams. In recent years its gotten... well lets just say "convoluted" to be polite. For instance this is their exam roadmap. "Why"?

Compared to AWS's Roadmap, Thats more like it.

Listen, I dropped out of college the first week because my computer science professor wanted me to count binary on my fingers. I don't like wasting time on nonsense, and I think that is why I enjoy the AWS exam structure so much more over anything else. Its to the point, their cheap, they carry their weight and its simple. In comparison, If you plan on getting the CSAA equivalent with Azure. that being the "Azure Solutions Architect Expert" you have to pay 165$ for two exams to obtain one cert. Again, Why? Moneyso... I mean Microsoft really loves to have their customers swipe their cards and for corps to write those checks to get employees certified. And this is something that I noticed when taking my online course for the AZ-900. Everything in azure seemed soooooo expensive compared to what I now know AWS architecture cost. This made me realize why AWS has more market share than Azure. I may be wrong here but its what makes sense to me. Anyways to get to the point here, AWS only made good sense to me, If you want to knock out some valuable certs that hold their weight like gold. So I took the CCP and only with a week or so worth of training using https://www.exampro.co/. I want to note this exam only cost 100 bucks, and I got a cert to go with it. Not only that, I got %50 off my next exam which will be the SysOps Admin Cert. That now will only cost me $75. So for $175 dollars, I got not only a fundamental cert, but an associate level cert as well for 10$ more than what a single exam will cost you with Microsoft and again, that you wont even get anything to show for until you double that cost and take another test. With all this being said AWS isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's only going to get bigger and more available around the globe and they're just gonna keep driving their prices down. Not only that but their server-less tech is only going to get better and better over time. Its a no-brainer that every large organization or industries are going to go cloud. As I've told my CIO its not if but when. In house data centers are too huge of a cost expenditure nowadays. Mainly the staff behind it. AWS is solving these problems better than anyone else in the cloud market right now and I see why. So if your stuck in between AWS, Azure, Google, or Oracle "which I actually recommend Oracle but that's for another post". I would go AWS, Get it over with and gets those certs, its to cheap and straightforward not to.

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