Why I think anyone in IT should start obtaining cloud certs

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
Why I think anyone in IT should start obtaining cloud certs

The future literally is the cloud, I feel like anyone in IT right now will best benefit by adopting cloud certifications. And if you know me, you know i'm going to recommend AWS.

Whether it be AWS, Azure, Oracle or the latter. I think no matter what role you play in IT, from techs to administrators. In any of these roles and in between, I have seen or had dealings with cloud systems of some sorts. Whether the company you work for is for scared of, or embracing the "cloud". Its coming. For those smart companies out there that have already moved or developed hybrid solutions, Congrats! For those beginning migrate or weighing your options, I wish you well in your efforts.  

The reason that I say anyone in IT should obtain at least even the most entry level cloud certs ie. AZ-900, AWS CCP, Googles ACE. Is because at some point if you plant on making a career out of this gig, your going to be dealing with cloud solutions or systems at some point. Your probably thinking right now in your head all the systems you deal with currently that are cloud hosted whether 3rd party or in house managed. Its only going to give you an edge and keep you one step ahead. I would go as far as saying that cloud certs and the specialization certs you get for the cloud will start to phase out your traditional cloud comptia based certs. Don't get me wrong you'll always need on the ground Net Engineers, PC Technicians, SysAdmins etc.

But so many companies, and even more now are migrating or looking to. And in your hopes, their going to need  SysOps, Devs, Solution Architects and more. Fork-lifting is not an easy task, and it takes a large team and a lot of planning and different phases in most cases. No matter if your a PC tech at the bottom level or the head Administrator of your organization. Having that cloud certification is a must have in today's climate. Its not if, but when the adoption happens. And you need to be prepared, you need to have that edge and have it sooner than later.

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